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Longers is a full service localization and testing services company based in Beijing, China.

Over the last numbers of years localization companies have been characterized by their physical size and network of offices. Traditional companies look and act like an assembly of different sites because they came about as a series of mergers of different organizations. Many problems arose as a result of this model. While companies claimed great scalability, in fact each company was only as scalable as their largest site. Each site continued to hold on to its past processes and competition for business between sites within the same company actually hurt customer service overall.

Having worked in senior positions for such old-school firms for many years, Longers's leadership decided to create a more dynamic, flexible and cost effective localization firm. The solution is a company design that removes the overhead and internal competition of multiple offices, but can still provide the quality and scalability customers have come to expect.

Longers calls this solution our 'lean operational model'. The design is quite simple and involves locating resources closest to where they are most efficient and cost effective. Beijing offers one of the largest and most experienced pools of multilingual technical resources anywhere and provides tremendous cost advantages for us and our customers.

Longers uses a vast and well qualified pool of resources for in-country translation and quality assurance and has in house staff to ensure reliability of delivery and end product quality.

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About Us

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