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Longers provides complete end to end localization services for all types of software products and content. Longers has experience with localizing and testing all major file types into 30+ languages. Our experience covers all the major authoring systems for software, documentation, help systems, online content and learning systems:

      •  Windows, MAC and UNIX resource types
      •  FrameMaker (+SGML), XML, PageMaker, Quark, Microsoft Word
      •  Websites (HTML, DHTML, JScript etc.)
      •  Content Stores (Documentum, Vignette)

Longers follows a structured and rigorous project management process that allows us ensure delivery and quality. Every project is started with a thorough pre-production analysis to ensure the entire scope of the project is understood at the outset. Risk management is key to successful project execution. Longers uses the risk management model from Object Oriented Analysis and Design to ensure our delivery reliability:

      •  Requirements Risk - Is the scope fully understood?
      •  SKills Risk - Does the operations team have all the necessary skills for this project?
      •  Financial Risk - Has the complete cost of the project been analyzed?
      •  Schedule Risk - Has sufficient time been planned to complete the project?

Longers and all our resources are also experts in traditional translation asset management tools such as:

      •  Trados, TermBase, Catalyst
      •  IDIOM WorldServer, SDLx




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